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Staying Connected With Offender Connect

In bygone days, people had to undertake long and strenuous journeys in order to stay connected with their near and dear ones, living in different parts of the world.  The global communication revolution has made all this thing of the past and made our lives more sophisticated and easier.  One such internet-based portal is offered by Offender connect which provides this communication service throughout the world.  They have specially formulated services which make them stand out as something special.

It is possible to have twenty-four connectivity with Offender connect, which is the best place for multifarious activities.  They provide various services and features like sending email, money transfer, making calls and with the help of this single option, you can have all the services that are basically necessary for staying connected.  Their services are sure to increase in quality and quantity with respect to the needs and requirements of the users.

Offender connect holds the promise of being the one point solution for all data transmission in the future.  Since developing countries like India are entering the 3-G arena, the user traffic is sure to expand to a great extent for such multipurpose websites such as Offender connect.  It is always the user rate that implies the growth of any industry, including an internet-based one.

Business management involves the incorporation of the four important Ms namely – Men, Material, Machine and, of course, Money.  Though the first three are quite easily managed, the fourth poses a problem.  A small mistake in the money could lead to a major breakdown of the business.  Hence accounting and management of money is very crucial.  For this purpose, correctional billing services provide this service in the market.

They provide a comprehensive array of services with regard to billing and accounting to the person with the user’s agreement.  In this manner, trust and rapport can be shared and developed as well as made stronger.  They provide a user name and a password to the member and with the help of this they can check their billing and accounts whenever they wish to.  This kind of service is on a boom these days, as it is the need of the hour.


Prison Phone Service in Georgia

The inmates in Georgia Department of Corrections can call their loved ones by using the Georgia inmate phone service. Prison being the very secluded and isolated places it is, can hamper the human spirit a lot. Being able to call your loved ones in such times is a blessing and will help your rehabilitation that much easier. But at the same time certain restrictions will be placed on the phone service. It is a prison after all.

In the Georgia inmate phone service, an inmate can have up to twenty people in their calling list. It is not essential that you only include those in your visitation list. You can add any friend or family member irrespective of whether they are included or not in the visitation list. It is however vital that you provide only accurate information about the people in your call list lest you want to suffer the consequences. You can update your call list every six months.

Any and all calls made using the Georgia inmate phone service will be monitored for security purposes and only the conversations between a prisoner and his/her attorney or the Indigent Defense Council will be exempt from this rule. Ordinary calls can go on for a maximum of fifteen minutes after which the call will be automatically cut. However calls made from a TTD phone can go on for a maximum of thirty minutes.

There are many strict guidelines and rules for using the inmate telephone services. Providing false information on the call list can lead to serious repercussions. Going against the rules will invoke the necessary disciplinary actions which sometimes may lead to revoking your call privileges. The calling privileges of prisoners who are serving sentences for serious crimes like murder, homicide, rape etc will be suspended until the end of the investigation.

When compared to the traditional telephone services, the inmate telephone services might be more expensive. But by going through the various inmate telephone service options, you will be able to find the ideal one for your financial requirements. You can collect such information from your prison phone services contact or by going online. By using the Georgia inmate telephone service, you will be able to make and maintain healthy relationships with your loved ones.


JPAY – Americas Most Trusted Inmate Services

Jpay is the name of a website which is based in the United States of America providing services to the families and friends of inmates lodged in jails represented by the state, county and federal correctional facilities. They have a strong building of network which is partnered with prisons, corrections and jails across the country of United States of America. Their service bandwidth extends from money transfer, email and video interaction for the family, friends etc. This service received   a good response helping to   extend it to many states of USA.

The different services provided by them are inmate trust account payments, inmate phone payments, communication correction payments, inmate e-messaging, video visitation. This website jpay has sorted out many issues amidst the friends and family members of the inmates. The facility of an interface is connected to the outside world with the presence of service providers like them.  It’s a boon for them as they are able to be in touch with their loved ones who are even at federal correction centers.

The global telecommunication revolution has had a wide impact in this aspect thus making   lives more facilitated and sophisticated. The website is one such portal which offers such kind of services to us. Their uniqueness in the way of serving their clients makes them to stand apart from others.

The ensures 24 hour connectivity   which is a truly multipurpose as a lot of tasks can be performed on the website. They have the unique feature of making calls, transfer of money, even sending emails. This has become the one stop point for all the services that are mandatory for a human being to stay connected. This feature is subject to increase in the days to come as to cater the needs and demands of the people.

Becoming the medium of data transmission,   is bound to rise in usage and demand in the days to come especially with technology getting to be more complex.   The increase in user rate will be the success rate for any business and it implies the same for internet based business too.


J Pay for Inmate Phone Services

J Pay is a web-based inmate phone providing service in the US, which provides this service of communication to the near and dear ones of incarcerated prisoners in correctional institutions of the state, federal or county prisons.  Their network is well connected with prisons and other such facilities through the US.  They provide a wide range of services to the family and friends of the inmate, such as email, video visitation, and money transfer etc.  The service has become very popular and is spreading to all states of USA.

Jpay provides various forms of services like inmate phone payments, communication correction payments, inmate emailing facility, video visitation, inmate trust account payment and so on.  They also provide solutions for many problems faced by the family and friends of the inmates.  With the help of its interface it connects the inmate facility to the world and provides them this service.  With the help of their services, the inmates can remain in touch with their loved ones, even if they are housed at federal correctional institutes.

Due to the communication revolution on a global level, this aspect of inmates’ lives has become much easier with new technologies and services.  Another portal on the internet is the which also provides similar services for inmates of jails.  They have established a unique name for themselves with the quality of their service.

At, 24/7 hours connectivity is provided for the inmates and their families and a wide variety of multitasking is possible on the website.  You can transfer money, make calls, send emails and so on.  Any service that you need in order to stay connected is available at this website, all at one single point.  The facilities and features offered are improving day by day corresponding to the demands and requests as well as the needs of its members.

Being a center for data transmission, will surely progress especially in these days of complex technology advances.  The number of users is gradually increasing and this shows that the internet based business is surely on an upward growth path.


Inmates Calling Facilities

Telephone calling facilities are provided to the inmates housed in correctional institutions, in order to help them contact their near and dear ones.  The service providers help the jail management and the commissary systems to keep a check on prisoners which is very important for security concerns.  The inmates calling solutions are provided by several organizations like V-Connect Advance Pay Service, Offender Connect, Inmate Calling Solutions, Pay-Tel Communications etcetera.

The inmate family can access Offender Connect from which gives many services like money transfer to the inmate’s phone or commissary account.  The inmate can access multiple phone numbers to call his close contacts.  The prisoner can access this inmates calling solution throughout the day or night with his pre-paid account.  The family can send messages through email and with, there are other benefits like a safe credit card account information without entailing any writing out of checks to the institution.

The family can check out whether the facility exists at his particular state from the dropdown box to check out the participating institutions.  It is also possible for the prisoner to go to the account settings and add his bank accounts to the OffenderConnect account.

Another institution offering such facilities to inmates is Inmate Calling Solutions which offers state-of-the-art technology to fulfill all the concerns of jail authorities.  Services offered by them include video visitation, detection of cellular phone, payment processing services, systems for jail management and also solutions for inmate information.  The facility revenue can be increased and time can be saved by the security provided by Inmate calling Solutions.  The family can open a prepaid account in the form of collect service and then the inmate can call them from his institution, which should, naturally be serviced by Inmate Calling Solutions.

Other facilities are also provided by Inmate Calling Solutions such as adding money to the debit telephone account.  After this, he can call any of the listed numbers within this amount. Even the inmates’ family can put in any amount into the Commissary or Trust account of the prisoner and they also have the facility of sending emails, which are both cheap and quick.


Encartele – the Leader in Voice inmate services

A technology service provider encartele   is based on Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) model that uses multiple inputs of data, switching centers, networks for process and routing telephone calls. This model has been very success in need of maintaining surveillance over the people at different places for the need of privacy and secrecy. This provides a one stop solution that fills the needs of higher level system

The organization encartele    assures secure access and storage of data which makes the management of data warehouse easily. As all the system management is performed via internet which demands high level of precision and accurate information, this is a store house of important data. Their location is at a place which is environmentally secure and can be accessed with the help of an Internet connection. This is possible by the usage of fiber optic accessories.

This system of encartele enables the user to retrieve call detail records, restriction/ permission of unwanted contacts, monitoring live calls etc. All is possible with a PC which is having an Internet connection. The maintenance is another important feature for them as they have to maintain a firm customer base which has the optimum satisfaction. Their way of service is being regarded as completely proactive rather than the others which are reactive mode. The regular visits are being made by the company personnel to build a rapport with the customers.

The website, has helped people to be accessible with each other connecting them over long distances unlike the olden days. This global impact has had a strong affect and today it helps people to communicate and interact a lot more freely.

The website will be the medium of data transmission and response when it comes to ages of internet in the days to come. With countries like India switching for 3-G the chances of user traffic will be pretty high for multi-utility websites like this. The increase in user rate will be the success rate for any business and it implies the same for internet based business too.


Telecommunication – Combined Public Communication Systems

Due to progress in the field of technology, it is now possible to make a better utilization of resources to the maximum limit.  This is especially so due to the internet which is very favorable to the growth of technology, and makes us dependent on the computer in many ways.  Correctional billing services is an internet-based business which services people all over the globe through their website is a web-based business originating in the United States of America and is extremely popular.  The organization functions 24/7 throughout the year except for Christmas.  You can avail of services of public and private accounting systems as well as inmate accounting systems and customized billing patterns all done through their website.  The services are brought to the public via the medium of internet. has got the advantage of being among the forerunners in this kind of business and has therefore gained an initial advantage in a field that has not been fully explored.  The convenience factor of the individual is of prime importance and even comes only next.  This kind of business offering a convenient service is always a hit at the lower as well as the higher end types of business.  The business is bound to be long-lasting as it gives services related to the needs of the people and these can also be customized as per their needs.

Technological growth is invariably accompanied by the demands of the field.  We often find that technology has always gone down well with people and they have always welcomed it, except in cases where the comfort level of the individual is hampered due to it.  Everything has changed with the advent of combined public communication system, which has been welcomed with a great response by the people.

A private telecommunication service is provided to the people by means of the combined public communication systems.  This becomes an utmost necessity in a country like India with its mammoth population.  The company functions throughout the day and night and can be compared to a pay phone.  In order to avail their communication services, all you need to do is to purchase airtime or talk time from the company.  You can save both time and money through this service.


How Do Prison Telephone Systems Work?

The inmate phone system is a god sent to many prisoners, allowing them to get in touch with their families outside while serving their prison sentences. As prison is a highly secluded and harsh environment for rehabilitating people who committed crimes, one can understand why maintaining healthy relationships with friends and family play an important part of that very process. Moreover, the jailors or the respective authorities can also check up on the various calls made for security purposes.

The inmate phone system differs from the traditional system in many ways. Apart from the various features, the call rates are more expensive in an inmate telephone system than the standard phone system. There are even times when a single long distance call costs about six times the amount of a normal call rate. But there are many reasons for such a high rate.

Calls that are made using an inmate phone system can be recorded and stored for about five years for mainly security reasons. The various calls made by the prisoners have to be regulated to come up with an allowed call list and a flagged numbers list. There is also the need for keeping a list of destination numbers. Only with an interface with the jail commissary service can enable one to transfer funds for calling. There is also the need to regularly maintain the various phone equipments. After all, they do get used a lot often.

By getting a pre-paid account with cbs along with your inmate phone system, you will be able to control all your calls. The number of calls you can make, completely depend on you and the amount you have kept in your pre-paid account. You will have to maintain a minimum amount of funds in your account to keep making calls. A pre-paid account with cbs will also allow you to access your account any time you like. Therefore you can know in advance when you reach your account balance threshold.

In a prison telephone system, most calls will have a maximum duration of fifteen minutes. Once the maximum duration is reached, the call will be automatically end. You will then have to wait for half an hour before you’re able to make another call. You can easily make use of this system by merely registering and providing a complete list stating the people you like to call and their respective phone numbers. As each day progresses, it is not hard to imagine web video conferencing and email services replacing the inmate phone system one day.


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