Telecommunication – Combined Public Communication Systems

Due to progress in the field of technology, it is now possible to make a better utilization of resources to the maximum limit.  This is especially so due to the internet which is very favorable to the growth of technology, and makes us dependent on the computer in many ways.  Correctional billing services is an internet-based business which services people all over the globe through their website is a web-based business originating in the United States of America and is extremely popular.  The organization functions 24/7 throughout the year except for Christmas.  You can avail of services of public and private accounting systems as well as inmate accounting systems and customized billing patterns all done through their website.  The services are brought to the public via the medium of internet. has got the advantage of being among the forerunners in this kind of business and has therefore gained an initial advantage in a field that has not been fully explored.  The convenience factor of the individual is of prime importance and even comes only next.  This kind of business offering a convenient service is always a hit at the lower as well as the higher end types of business.  The business is bound to be long-lasting as it gives services related to the needs of the people and these can also be customized as per their needs.

Technological growth is invariably accompanied by the demands of the field.  We often find that technology has always gone down well with people and they have always welcomed it, except in cases where the comfort level of the individual is hampered due to it.  Everything has changed with the advent of combined public communication system, which has been welcomed with a great response by the people.

A private telecommunication service is provided to the people by means of the combined public communication systems.  This becomes an utmost necessity in a country like India with its mammoth population.  The company functions throughout the day and night and can be compared to a pay phone.  In order to avail their communication services, all you need to do is to purchase airtime or talk time from the company.  You can save both time and money through this service.


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How Do Prison Telephone Systems Work?

The inmate phone system is a god sent to many prisoners, allowing them to get in touch with their families outside while serving their prison sentences. As prison is a highly secluded and harsh environment for rehabilitating people who committed crimes, one can understand why maintaining healthy relationships with friends and family play an important part of that very process. Moreover, the jailors or the respective authorities can also check up on the various calls made for security purposes.

The inmate phone system differs from the traditional system in many ways. Apart from the various features, the call rates are more expensive in an inmate telephone system than the standard phone system. There are even times when a single long distance call costs about six times the amount of a normal call rate. But there are many reasons for such a high rate.

Calls that are made using an inmate phone system can be recorded and stored for about five years for mainly security reasons. The various calls made by the prisoners have to be regulated to come up with an allowed call list and a flagged numbers list. There is also the need for keeping a list of destination numbers. Only with an interface with the jail commissary service can enable one to transfer funds for calling. There is also the need to regularly maintain the various phone equipments. After all, they do get used a lot often.

By getting a pre-paid account with cbs along with your inmate phone system, you will be able to control all your calls. The number of calls you can make, completely depend on you and the amount you have kept in your pre-paid account. You will have to maintain a minimum amount of funds in your account to keep making calls. A pre-paid account with cbs will also allow you to access your account any time you like. Therefore you can know in advance when you reach your account balance threshold.

In a prison telephone system, most calls will have a maximum duration of fifteen minutes. Once the maximum duration is reached, the call will be automatically end. You will then have to wait for half an hour before you’re able to make another call. You can easily make use of this system by merely registering and providing a complete list stating the people you like to call and their respective phone numbers. As each day progresses, it is not hard to imagine web video conferencing and email services replacing the inmate phone system one day.


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How to Communicate With Friends in the Prison Easily?

Friends and families of prisoners use the service of websites like to send money to them. Such websites providing value added communications to the prison inmates offer a series of other services too. Visiting friends and families can be done only occasionally in this modern world. We have to make use of the available media like telephone and email to keep in touch with them constantly. Hence communication is considered so important in the modern trend.

Keeping in touch with people in prison or visiting them is all the more hard as there are lot of procedures to be followed and paperwork done. Sending money to people in prison and talking to them through telephone is a long process. Websites like make this process easy. People who wish to contact their prisoner friends but do not have enough knowledge how to do so can use their services and contact them online easily. They can do it from the comfort of their home without wasting any time.

Value added communications in various form like email, phone services and money transfer through inmate commissary accounts are provided by this website. Most of the services offered are free of cost. Care is taken to deliver the money promptly into the inmates account and maintain the confidentiality of the information shared through phones and mails. Websites providing such services are in great demand among prisoners as they are the only way for them to keep in touch with the outer world.

Though many websites similar to are present, not all of them provide such value added communications services with proficiency. Most of them limit their services to providing telephone accounts. This is one of the few websites offering three way services which includes email, money transfer and telephone communication to the prison inmates. And the best part of it is they make the communication process as easy and quick as possible since everything is managed online.

The inmate pals or family members creating the account in should give their phone number and pay certain amount of money online in the website. The prisoners can call this number for the amount paid easily from the prison. Email service is also provided by the website. Money transactions made through the website are reliable and fast. In short they provide useful value added communications to people in real need.


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Contacting inmates through Phone

Now you can contact any inmate who is your friend or relative through the facilities provided by various providers through their website or inmate At, there are various features offered which help you in connecting with the inmate and they also offer various solutions for investigation functions needed by jail authorities. can now be accessed at for logging in and availing the services or for any other enquiries regarding inmate

Their special features include video visitation, a very safe instant mail, and biometrics etcetera.  An advanced voiceprint and speaker function ensures that the inmate’s voice is perfectly matched to the recorded one at the assigned PIN, so that all fraudulent practices can be avoided.  This is a safety feature which will protect the requirements of prisons.  Even inmate conflicts can be reduced by availing the services from

The secure instant mail is another safe feature offered by correctionalbillingservices.  IN this electronic method of connecting with the inmate, the family can easily and quickly contact their loved one who is in a correctional institute.  This is comparable to the email that one sends on the internet but with additional security features, as it checks and reviews the correspondence.  In case any correspondence seems suspicious, then the institution is immediately alerted. The software provided by correctionalbillingservices searches for keywords and translates many languages into English.   Guardian RFID correction system, an automated information service, commissary order via phone and voicemail are also provided.

This inmate facility is quite easy to operate as you can open a new account and see the options for payment.  Inmate jail locations can be searched and all frequently asked questions can be availed at  It is also possible for the jail or institution authorities to know all about their products secure services as well as address any other credentials.

You can set up your accounts in many ways such as a traditional collect account, a secure instant mail, an advance connect account or a direct bill account at  It is also possible to block any inmate number from calling you and get to know all details regarding setting up an inmate



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